All great neighborhoods have one thing in common: Community members are involved.

As a Board member, nurturing community involvement is one of the most positive roles you take on for your association. Shared experiences, newly formed friendships, and encouraging a sense of belonging among residents are among the best ways neighborhoods build cohesion, identity and involvement.

We help Boards build a sense of community with memorable events that are affordable, effective, and fun. And, as an already busy Board Member, you won't spend your time planning, negotiating, arranging and shopping because we do the work for you.

Our programs are designed to enhance involvement, help neighbors get to know each other, and include seasonal events. A small sampling of events:

Homeowner Meet & Greet
Halloween Party
Book Club: Meet the Author
Scotch Tasting

Santa & Hay Rides
Tree Lighting Party
Craft, Cookies & Kris Kringle
Wine Tasting
For the Love of Chocolate

Easter Egg Hunt
PJ Party Movie Night
Container Gardening
Community Garage Sale
Bike Race
Pool Party
4th of July BBQ
Neighborhood Night at
the Rockies
Summer Carnival
Stargazing Party

From planning holiday celebrations to group ticket discounts, our event experts know who to call.

One call or email to Hammersmith Management starts the process.